Illinois Legislature Slashes Governor Pat Quinn’s Budget, Illinois Drug Treatment by 50%

(Springfield, IL) — The Illinois General Assembly this weekend slashed Governor Pat Quinn‘s proposed budget by 50 percent, gutting human services, including drug treatment.

Governor Quinn has said that he will not sign this budget.

Governor Pat Quinn

Governor Pat Quinn

Quinn had proposed an income tax increase from 3 to 4.5 percent, Senate Bill 2252, but the Illinois House defeated the plan 42-74-2. The Illinois Senate, however, approved its own income tax increase, 31-27-1, boosting the individual rate from 3.0 to 5 percent, House Bill 174, but that measure stalled in the House, too.

With the budget deadline having passed at midnight Sunday, now the Governor’s tax increase cannot pass without a “supermajority” in each chamber, or a three-fifths vote.

Governor Quinn, House Speaker Michael Madigan, House Minority Leader Tom Cross, Senate President John Cullerton, and Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno met on Monday to begin negotiations to hammer out a permanent solution, and plan to meet again on Thursday, June 4.

This is a continually evolving story.  Some of the latest news:

Chicago Sun-Times“Unable to nail down the income tax increase, [Governor Pat] Quinn is in an epic bind. If he can’t convert 29 Republican and Democratic income tax opponents to “yes” votes in the coming weeks, Quinn must cut billions of dollars in vital state services as he gears up for a 2010 gubernatorial run later this year.”

Chicago Tribune:  “We must close our budget deficit. If we don’t, 45,000 people with addictions will lose treatment, 3,000 children of working parents will lose their child care,’ Quinn said Sunday. ‘Nine thousand kids will be forced out of their homes because foster care funding is reduced; [thousands] of children will forgo adoption.’ But few in Springfield expect that to actually happen.”

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