Governor Pat Quinn, Top Lawmakers-Cullerton, Madigan, Cross, Radogno-Meet; State has $11.6 Billion Deficit, Drug Treatment on Chopping Block

(Chicago, IL)  The four state legislative leaders and Governor Quinn meet again today (June 9) to hammer out a budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Senate President John Cullerton, Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno, House Speaker Michael Madigan, House Minority Leader Tom Cross, and the Governor met last Thursdy, June 4, and so far, the news remains bleak for human services.

With a $11.6 billion deficit, human service face catastrophic cuts under the Illinois budget passed by the legislature May 31. Governor Quinn warned last week that substance abuse treatment will be eliminated for 65,000 Illinois residents (State Journal-Register, 6/4/09).

Following the June 4 meeting, the Chicago Tribune reported that House Speaker Michael Madigan predicts “‘‘very significant’ layoffs of state workers because of budget problems.”

The budget passed by the legislature never reached the Governor’s desk; Senate President Cullerton is holding it in the Senate (Northwest Herald, 6/4/09).


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