U.S. Senator Richard Durbin to be Honored for Fair Sentencing Act; IL Senators Mattie Hunter and Kwame Raoul Recognized for State Leadership in Racial Justice

UPDATE 4/29/11:  Senator Dick Durbin has been called back early by the White House to address budget issues in Washington. He deeply regrets having to cancel his attendance at the Illinois Association for Criminal Justice (IACJ) event that was scheduled for May 2 at Roosevelt University. The association appreciates your understanding of this development and the urgency of issues that our elected officials are handling.

To ensure that we can honor Senator Durbin, Senator Mattie Hunter and Senator Kwame Raoul in person, we have decided to postpone the event and hold it after the legislative sessions in Washington and Springfield are completed. We will re-post the event as the new date is confirmed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this postponement causes.

(Chicago) — The Illinois Association for Criminal Justice (IACJ), of which TASC is a founding member, is proud to announce that U.S. Senator Richard Durbin and Illinois State Senators Mattie Hunter and Kwame Raoul will be honored at the Association’s inaugural event on May 2.

The event, Recognizing Exceptional Illinois Leadership in Racial Justice, will honor:

  • U.S. Senator Richard Durbin for authoring the Fair Sentencing Act, which was signed into law in 2010 and reduces the sentencing disparity in the mandatory penalties for possession of crack versus powder cocaine
  • IL State Senator Mattie Hunter for leading the Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study Commission, which addresses racial disparities in justice system’s response to drug crimes
  • IL State Senator Kwame Raoul for sponsoring the Illinois Crime Reduction Act, which invests in community-based solutions to nonviolent, drug-related crime

Co-sponsored by IACJ and Roosevelt University, the event will take place at Roosevelt University, 430 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, 2nd floor Congress Lounge, on Monday, May 2, 2011, from 8:45 – 10:00 AM.  Please plan to arrive by 8:30 AM.

To confirm your attendance, please call (312) 573-8210 or email twalker@tasc-il.org.

The mission of IACJ is to ensure quality services for people with criminal justice involvement in order to reduce recidivism and restore individuals to stability and productivity in their communities.

TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities) has a 35-year history of promoting social justice and providing alternatives to incarceration in Illinois.

Roosevelt University sponsors a diverse array of initiatives that seek to advance racial equality, including leadership of the Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy.


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